Mark my words

Barring an act of God, the kitchen will be done in two weeks (coming in at just under one year).

I still have a bit to do, but we’re so close.

Let’s go back to pre-closing to remember what the kitchen used to look like.


Note the high-class wine bottle border in the breakfast area and alpine chalet roofs on each of our cabinet runs.


And today as we near the end.



Only a couple of finish coats of paint, some trim work on the cabinets, crown molding, backsplash, hardware, and touch ups are left on the list.


Picture dump

Looks like I’ve forgotten to post in a while. With Christmas and the boys being off and on sick, we’ve been pretty busy.

Here are some iPhone images of our life over the last month.


We spent some extra Christmas money on a couple new lamps to replace our garage sale ones.


We’ve been to target……a lot. Like every weekend a lot. And we’ve noticed they’ve really upped their game in the art department.


We got prints of both of our family pictures and some awesome frames from Hobby Lobby (coupon!).


We rechalked our globe for the winter.


We brought in some early spring.


And Courtney and I built this awesome wreath from a tutorial on Vintage Revivals. We love it. And Courtney said it makes our living room look “on purpose now.”

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