Our Current Home

Our current home was built in 1969 in the suburbs of Tulsa.  The neighborhood has some gentle hills that aren’t so gentle in a snowstorm, but still manageable.  We’re within walking distance of some major trail systems, and even though the neighborhood is newer than our last, it still has large old trees that keep it cooler in the summer.  Another benefit is the active neighborhood association.  The dues are insanely cheap, only $50 a year!  But the association keeps the neighborhood entrances looking nice and plans some great block parties throughout the year.  There are also a lot more families around with kids the same ages as ours.

Here is a tour of the home from our final walk through.  You might even get a peek at Courtney, Liam, and mother-in-law Kathy in there.

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One response

  1. Wow. I mean, really, this place looks incredible, as is. I am sure you will be doing lots of cool updates, but dang man, what a nice house. Also, I love the blog idea. Don’t be mad when I copy your idea and use a form of it on my blog…cause when we close on our house, we will be updating ever single room as well.

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